Before going to the airport for your flight, please make sure you take with you the following documents for yourself and all persons travelling with you:

  • passport acceptable for traveling internationally
  • soft- or hard-copy of your electronic ticket
  • hard-copy of your boarding pass (if you have checked-in online)
  • documents confirming your other travel arrangements (hotel reservations, car lease, etc.)
  • visa approvals or other entry/exit documents, as applicable
  • travel insurance, as applicable

Please also make sure that:

  • your baggage size and weight are within permitted limits
  • there are no prohibited objects and items in your hand luggage
  • there are no items in your hand luggage or check-in baggage, carriage of which may be considered as illicit action, or which were given to you for carriage by a third person or the content of which is unknown to you

It is recommended to pack travel documents, medication, keys, credit cards, cash and jewelry in hand luggage, rather than in check-in baggage.

For specific requirements please check the following sections: Baggage, Children, Live Animals and other relevant sections of our website.

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