Online bookings

Air Armenia tickets are available from our ticketing offices and agents. To save you time and offer more convenience, we suggest booking and purchasing your tickets online through our website. After purchasing your electronic ticket please make sure it has been delivered to the email address you specified while making the booking.

Group travel

We offer discounts for groups of 10 people or more traveling together. Please contact us to request your special group rate.

Traveling with family

Air Armenia offers, from time to time, special family travel packages. Please follow our announcements in Special Offers.

Traveling with children

Special terms and conditions apply to children travel.

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Travel of youth and senior passengers

Air Armenia offers, from time to time, special fares for youth and senior passengers to make their air travel more affordable. If you are traveling on such a special fare, please have a spare photocopy of your passport to present it at the airport.

Forms of Payments

Air Armenia accepts major credit cards as well as other forms of payment in case of booking on-line. No surcharges are charged for paying by credit card. Please contact us, if you prefer to pay for your ticket by wire transfer or in cash.

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