Check-in baggage

The free baggage allowance may vary depending on your class of travel and fare conditions, as indicated on your ticket. Air Armenia typical applies the following free baggage allowances:



Free Allowance


To/from Moscow economy 32 kg/8 kg n/a
To/from Moscow business 50 kg /8 kg n/a
To/from Nizhni Novgorod economy 20 kg/5 kg n/a
To/from Athens economy 23 kg/8 kg 2p/c
To/from Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Sochi economy 25 kg/8 kg n/a
To/from Yekaterinburg economy 20 kg/5kg
To/from Paris economy 23 kg/8 kg 2p/c
To/from Paris business 32 kg /8 kg 2p/c

An adult passenger traveling with an infant will have an extra baggage allowance for one piece of check-in baggage of up to 10kg having total dimensions (length + width + height) of up to 115cm.

Each piece of baggage should not exceed 32kg. Baggage weighting more than 32kg will not be accepted for transportation.

We recommend that you arrive at the airport three hours before the flight departure time to have sufficient time to check-in baggage and pass airport formalities.

Hand luggage

One piece of luggage per traveler is allowed to be carried on-board, provided it weights not more than 8kg and has maximum external dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20cm. Hand luggage should be stowed in the overhead bins or under the seats.

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An adult passenger traveling with an infant will be allowed to carry on-board one additional handbag for infant food and other inflight necessities weighting no more than 5 kg, plus one fully collapsible “umbrella” stroller or safety seat. Depending on the size, you may be requested to check-in the stroller.

The following items will be allowed for free transportation beyond the limits specified above:

  • one lady’s handbag
  • one set of season outerwear (coat and hat)
  • one umbrella
  • one notebook or tablet
  • reasonable quantity of inflight reading material (book, newspaper, magazine)

Duty-free items

Items purcahsed from duty-free shops are permitted to be carried aboard in reasonable quantities. However, security restrictions may apply at certain airports, and especially in case of transiting.

Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs)

In accordance with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the following restrictions apply to items carried in hand luggage:

  • all liquids, gels and aerosols, pastes, lotions, creams, drinks and other items of similar consistency (LAG) should be in containers of no more than 100ml
  • all LAG items should be carried in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of up to 20 x 20 cm with a total capacity of up to one liter
  • all LAG items should fully fit the transparent bag and it should be completely sealed
  • only one transparent bag with LAG items per passenger will be permitted
  • the transparent bag should be taken out of the hand baggage to be screened separately
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Exceptions will be made for medications, baby food and special dietary requirements in quantities that are required during your air travel. You may be requested to sample such liquid items.

For security reasons the following items are not allowed to be taken on-board in your hand luggage:

  • sharp objects and tools (blades, knives, scissors, nail clippers, pins, needles, etc.)
  • flammable, toxic, explosive, corrosive, compressed or other hazardous substances (petrol, solvents, paints, lighter refills, sprays, fireworks, firearms, etc.)
  • other items that have the potential of causing injury or affecting flight safety

Radio equipment

No radio equipment may be operated on-board. In particular, you are not allowed to use the following equipment during the entire duration of your air travel:

  • Mobile phones and other mobile communication devices
  • Electronic toys with remote wireless control
  • Cordless computer mouses
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Medications, baby food and special dietary items

Medications, baby food and special dietary requirements can be carried in your hand luggage in quantities that are required during your air travel. You may be requested to sample such liquid items.

Valuables and fragile items

The carrier will not be responsible for valuable and fragile items carried in the baggage. You may wish to arrange additional insurance for such items.

Sport equipment

Sporting items having total dimensions (length + width + height) of up to 2 meters can be transported within the free baggage allowance.

Musical instruments

Carriage of musical instruments will be subject to standard size and weight restrictions applicable to check-in baggage and hand luggage. To avoid damage to your musical instrument, it is recommended to carry it in a hard case. For large musical instruments carried in the cabin (e.g. cello), you will need to purchase a separate ticket, as such instruments should be carried in a separate passenger seat.

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